Thursday, December 21, 2006

Resource alert: new Military Law Review

While I was in the Big Apple, the Army JAG School posted the Summer 2006 issue of the Military Law Review. (Actually the weather here in Maryland before I left felt more like Summer 2006 than did the weather in New York while I was gone.) The issue includes two articles that will interest military justice mavens: LTC Matthew D. Ramsey on the shaken baby syndrome ("A Nuts and Bolts Approach to Litigating the Shaken Baby or Shaken Impact Syndrome"), and Major Keven (not a typo) Kercher on hair sample testing ("Time for Another Haircut: A Re-look at the Use of Hair Sample Testing for Drug Use in the Military"). The next issue of the Military Law Review will have an article by yours truly providing an empirical analysis of the current military death penalty system's performance since its origin in 1984. (Please form an orderly single file line -- I'm sure there will be enough copies for everyone.)

To kill the time while waiting for that article's publication, here's a scavenger hunt: can anyone find: (a) an online link to the Naval Law Review; and (b) a working link to the Air Force Law Review?

--Dwight Sullivan

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