Tuesday, April 21, 2009

CAAF adds Aviano oral argument date

CAAF has added an additional oral argument date to its calendar -- 24 June. CAAF will hear oral arguments in the two Aviano cases: United States v. Ashby, No. 08-0770/MC, and United States v. Schweitzer, No. 08-0746/MC. As we've noted, the case will be heard by the Hall of Fame panel of Judges Erdmann and Stucky and Senior Judges Everett, Cox, and Gierke.


Anonymous said...

Anyone figured out why Andy Effron recused himself?

Half-hour oral argument for 9 issues in Ashby? Is this oral argument just for show?

Why would the court grant on the issue of sentence appropriateness in Ashby? Six months and a dismissal seems less than appropriate for what this dude did - causing 20 deaths by flat hatting.

Anonymous said...

This "dude" was not convicted of causing any deaths.

Anonymous said...

Ashby covered up his guilt by destroying the videotape of his misconduct. His foolishness caused the death of many. Great American, he.