Sunday, April 19, 2009

This week in military justice

None of the military appellate courts is scheduled to hear oral argument this week.

As always, we'll be on the lookout for CAAF decisions, published CCA decisions, and CAAF grants. It's probably too early to send our Denedo lookout up to the CAAFlog crow's nest. According to these statistics from SCOTUSblog, the Supremes have decided or dismissed 12 fo the 14 cases heard during the October sitting, 10 of the 13 cases heard during the November sitting, 6 of the 12 cases heard during the December sitting, 5 of the 11 cases heard during the January sitting, 3 of the 12 cases heard during the February sitting, and none of the 6 cases (including Denedo) heard during the March sitting.

As always, if you're aware of any signficant upcoming military justice events -- including significant courts-martial -- please let us know. You can reach us at

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Cloudesley Shovell said...

I boldly predict Denedo will be decided sometime in the first two weeks of June.

Will CAAFlog sponsor a "guess the Denedo date" contest?