Wednesday, December 26, 2007

No certificate in Wild

CAAF's daily journal from Friday isn't online yet, but we have learned the answer to the question on everyone's mind this holiday season: will the Judge Advocate General of the Navy certify Wild or won't he? We previously discussed that issue here. The verdict is now in: no certification.


Mike "No Man" Navarre said...

Colonel Dorman would be happy with Code 46 for its' consistent position, or at least apparently consistent position that 62 appeals are not certifiable . While other arguments by Code 46 in recent memory had us all wondering whether the 46 attorney was certifiable, we can all be convinced of their sanity today.

Mike "No Man" Navarre said...

Or should I say BGen Dorman? I never got that whole tombstone Flag officer thing. Does it reqiure a tombstone or just a retirement party?