Wednesday, December 12, 2007

New issue of the Reporter

Those of you with access to FLITE can read the fall issue of the Reporter. I'm afraid the rest of you will have to wait, because it doesn't seem to be up on a public web site yet.

The issue has at least three articles that will interest military justice practitioners. The issue starts with Captain Jason S. Robertson's article, An ADC in the AOR: Defending Those Defending America. With an unembarrassed enthusiasm that is a joy to behold, Capt Robertson writes about his experience setting up a trial defense office in Qatar, from which he would travel through Southwest Asia to provide defense services.

Colonel Charles W. Williamson III writes a detailed piece on the whys and hows of preparing a proof analysis.

The Military Justice Pointers article discusses a urinalysis litigation resource prepared by the legal advisor to the Air Force Drug Testing Laboratory. Unfortunately, the web site that the article discusses appears to be available only to those with FLITE access. Once again, this seems to put civilian defense counsel at an unwarranted competitive disadvantage. Each of the JAG Corps' information management specialists should consider how to make such resources available to ALL military justice practitioners -- a group that includes a fairly large number of civilian counsel unaffiliated with the United States government.

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