Sunday, December 09, 2007

Conference Report Highlights

The conference report on the 2008 Defense Authorization Bill includes grade increases to lieutenant general or vice admiral for the position of Judge Advocate General in the Army, Air Force, and the Department of the Navy. Legal Counsel to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff would become a one-star position.

The report also authorizes CAAF judges to administer oaths under Article 136 and requires the Secretary of Defense to prescribe regulations prohibiting active participation by members of the Armed Forces in a criminal street gang.

I'll send the text to No Man and ask him to put it up on


Marcus Fulton said...

Looks like CAAFlog and I hit "publish" at the same time on this one.

Regarding the "criminal street gang" provision: what constitutes permissible inactive participation? Do the Crips have an IRR? Can you register with them as an inactive member like I am with the Ohio bar?

Christopher Mathews said...


Is there something more you'd like to tell us about the Ohio bar?

Mike "No Man" Navarre said...

I always suspected those Ohioans had something strange going on starting when I noticed they made all their state football stars wear ganga leaves as a symbol of excellence.