Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Duty, Duty, Duty

I just saw my first Jury Duty stamp, which the post office website states was released two months ago. It depicts 12 profiles of heads in various colors all facing to the right, with the words "JURY DUTY Serve with Pride."

Maybe the post office should also release one to honor duty as a court-martial panel member - show only 5 profiles, make it postcard rate (to reflect the fewer numbers), and use it as a PSA to avoid that sleeping panel member issue by stating on the stamp "PANEL DUTY Serve Alert." But no need to change the direction of the heads.


John O'Connor said...

"[S]how only 5 profiles, make it postcard rate (to reflect the fewer numbers)"

What??? What self-respecting TC ever ends up with a penel of five? I know not everyone agrees, but I was always a big believer in playing the numbers. I hoped to have 8 after challenges for cause at a GCM, and 5 aftere challenges for cause at a SpCM, and then I would take my peremptory to leave the DC with the choice of kicking someone off (and giving me the best mathematical number) or forgoing his peremptory.

Marcus Fulton said...

Maybe with the panel duty stamp, you would only have to pay two-thirds of the postage and the government mails the letter anyway.