Thursday, November 01, 2007

A limited time offer

I'll be making a couple of substantive posts tonight -- one about a new published ACCA opinion that appears to stand for the proposition that surreptitiously videotaping nude women in a locker room is illegal (I'm not sure why we needed a published opinion to tell us that) and one about an intriguing new law review article.

But first a recurring gripe.

The intriguing new article is in Volume 54 of the Naval Law Review. I was quite unaware that Volume 54 of the Naval Law Review even existed until I accidentally stumbled across it this afternoon while engaging in my daily fruitless NKO quest for an opinion in Walker. Here's what I don't understand. According to NKO, Volume 54 of the Naval Law Review came out in July. And yet it isn't on LEXIS; heck, it isn't even on the Naval Justice School's own web page. Nor is it on the Navy JAG reading room page. Why is the Naval Law Review hidden from public view on NKO, where most of the people who would want to read it aren't able to access it?

Here's my limited-time offer. If you can find Volume 54 of the Naval Law Review on a publicly-available web site before 0730 EDT tomorrow morning, I will give you your choice of either a CAAFlog t-shirt or Justice Scalia's A Matter of Interpretation: Federal Courts and the Law.

And if anyone reading this plaintiff cry is a muckety-muck in one of the military legal organizations, could you please use your influence to attempt to get all of the services to post on publicly accessible web sites those materials that military attorneys from other services and civilian military justice practitioners would probably want to read?

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