Saturday, November 10, 2007

Pumping out the pubs

The August Army Lawyer is now available online here. It starts with this 45-page piece on the new Article 120. Major Jennifer S. Knies, Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: Why the New UCMJ's Rape Law Missed the Mark, and How an Affirmative Consent Statute Will Put It Back on Target, Army Law., Aug. 2007, at 1. The second article, available here, is also of interest to military justice folks: Major John M. McCabe, How Far Is Too Far? Helping the Commander to Keep Control Without Going over the Line; the Trial Practitioner’s Guide to Conditions on Liberty and Article 13 Credit, Army Law., Aug. 2007, at 46.

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Retired said...

Good morning, "Captain Sullivan."

Your blog is interesting.

I was obviously more concerned with "mass production" than you. Hopefully, you had some breathing room. Not my choice, but . . ..

Showing up in Canada, in uniform, was a bit tacky, to say the least. (I graduated from a Canadian High School, Nelson, Burlington, Ontario.) It may have been necessary. I wasn't there. But appearances? Gawd!

If it makes any difference, the conditions of the Gitmo "prisoners" were better than we had with SMF 2-74, from what I can tell.

Please say "hello" to Phil Hill for me. Whatever happened to Joe Gibson?

It looks like you lost a few troops along the way. Sucks, doesn't it?

Sorry to disrupt your blog.

Best regards, G. S. Warner, Major, USMC (ret.)