Thursday, July 24, 2008


1. Rear Admiral still vice Vice Admiral

It appears that reports of the Senate's confirmation of RADM MacDonald's promotion were premature. Major General Rives, the Judge Advocate General of the Air Force, was appointed to the grade of lieutenant general effective yesterday, 23 July. But we now understand from a friend o' CAAFlog that Senate confirmation of RADM MacDonald's promotion to vice admiral was the subject of a "hold" by a Senator. We understand that the hold has nothing to do with RADM MacDonald or his promotion, but rather arises from unrelated senatorial displeasure with the Navy.

2. Wuterich continued

Today, in my Reserve judge advocate capacity, I was detailed as an appellate defense counsel in the ongoing Wuterich case at CAAF. This will necessarily curtail my previous incessant blogging about the case. I hope that the No Man will now take on the Wuterich beat.


Anonymous said...

Great site. Thanks for creating a forum for JAGs.

Hogan H said...

That nobody pays attention to CG, I think it's already clear by now. That some people think the senior JAG officer of the Marines should not have a second star, it's also clear. Although both sit as JAG in the Code Meeting at CAAF. But where is the nomination of the Army JAG for the third star? The White House forgot the Army?