Monday, April 23, 2007

Supremes deny cert in New

Today's Order List includes the denial of cert in United States, ex rel. New v. Gates, No. 06-691.

Courtesy of SCOTUSblog, here's what the Supremes thought was more important:

The Supreme Court agreed on Monday to clarify the scope of the main federal money laundering law. It will spell out whether the ban on use of "proceeds" of a crime to promote or conceal it -- that is, "laundering" the proceeds -- applies to the total amount of money, or only the profits, if any, that remain after expenses. The Seventh Circuit, in conflict with other Circuit Courts, has ruled that, if there were no profits, the law does not apply. The case is U.S. v. Santos (06-1005, petition), involving a federal prosecution for using money from an illegal lottery in Indiana to pay runners, collectors and winners of the betting.

Ah, nothing like being reminded that I inhabit a benighted backwater of the law.

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Marcus Fulton said...

"Quiet cul de sac in the law" was the term I had hear before. Don't remember where.