Monday, April 23, 2007

CAAF doesn't take petitions for granted

The Supremes might have spurned the New cert petition, but at least they granted review of something. CAAF, on the other hand, added two more grant-and-reviewless days to its daily docket. That brings the streak to 57 days -- meaning CAAF just passed some sort of mirror image of DiMaggio's 56 consecutive game hitting record.


John O'Connor said...

Well, the CAAF has granted review of as many military justice cases as the Supremes have during March and April, so they're not really behind.

But seriously, I wonder if the paucity of grants signals a change in CAAF's philosophy more toward resolving lower court conflicts and away from error-correction. If so, I think that would be a mistake in my view.

CAAFlog said...

CAAF can only move as quickly as its slowest judge. I wonder if the paucity of grants reflects a backup in the pipes in one of the chambers.