Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Volume 57 of Naval Law Review now online

Volume 57 of the Naval Law Review, the 2009 issue, is now available here. There are a couple of articles of interest to military justice wonks. I've started, but haven't yet finished, reading this fascinating article: Maj John M. Hackel, Planning for the "Strategic Case": A Proposal to Align the Handling of Marine Corps War Crimes Prosecutions with Counterinsurgency Doctrine, 57 Naval L. Rev. 239 (2009). The issue also includes this article advocating revisions to the MCM to allow greater use of videoteleconferencing in presenting testimony at courts-martial: Maj Nicole K. Hudspeth, Remote Testimony and Executive Order 13430: A Missed Opportunity, 57 Naval L. Rev. 285 (2009).

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