Monday, July 06, 2009

To quote David Bowie, ch-ch-ch-changes

As CAAFlog approaches its third anniversary, we find ourselves about to outgrow our existing digital footprint.

Serendipitously, just as that is about to happen, we received an offer to move all of our operations to a new host that could accommodate both our blog and our website, which makes it possible for us to post content that we can then link to.

Obviously the No Man understands far more about the possibilities for improved "functionality" than this unfrozen caveman lawyer could ever understand. Perhaps the No Man will supplement this post with some of the details.

But here's what you need to know for now. In about a week, all of the material on our website may disappear. I'm planning to move only a small amount of the material that's there now to the new website. So if you want anything that's on, please download it now because it may no longer exist by the end of next week.

[No Man Tech Update: While we may lose some of the documents, we will move all the posts over to a new site. We'll keep the blogger site up in case you have old links to posts (actually that's more of an ego thing for us, as various news stories have linked to CAAFlog posts). Your old bookmark will take you to the new site--so hypochondriacs out there need not worry about extra mouse clicks. We suggest you update your bookmark and RSS feeds once you get to the new site. Our email addresses will remain the same, so feel free to email us with comments about the new site, or how much you liked the old one.]


Ary D Dias said...

You should keep for some time both site the old and the new. The old as archive and the news as current, it makes more sense.

Dwight Sullivan said...

Hogan's Hero, the No Man will correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding is that our old blog postings will remain here and also appear on our new host's site. But I don't think we have the option of leaving the old web site up while the new one is also in operation. And much of what is on there now is available from other sources. (In fact, the lion's share of material on probably consists of opinions that we got before they were posted elsewhere on the web but that are now available on the issuing court's own web site.) So everyone should know that most of the content on is going away from our site and they should save anything there that they want to keep.

Ary D Dias said...

Ok. But if the site is just a transition from blogspot to .com made through google, you're going to keep the same format, but save everything. If you're going to another host you could keep the old caaflog as an archive with the last posts linking to the new caaflog and post all new posts in the new website. By the way, you're the first one to realize the real meaning of Hogan H! Congratulations! In September, I'll be in DC if we do not have the opportunity to meet, I'll leave with Gene a book about Rio for you. I hope you enjoy it.

Ary Dias