Wednesday, May 06, 2009

No second court-martial for 1LT Watada

The No Man called my attention to this report that the Army no longer plans to court-martial 1LT Watada for his refusal to deploy to Iraq. Here's a link to a previous post by the No Man discussing the case.


Unknown said...

Jim Lobsenz, the civilian court counsel for Watada has done very well with litigating military matters in the 9th. He is also counsel for MAJ Margaret Witt and successfully litigated a reversal of a 12(b)(6) gov't motion in that DADT case.

Lobsenz also litigated successfully the case of SFC Perry Watkins who was separated for homosexuality under pre-"don't ask, don't tell" regulations on homosexuality circa 1991.

Anonymous said...

My first response was to become physically ill that Watada could walk on this.

But then, as I thought it through, I realized that this may end up being the best punishment: he doesn't get the satisfaction of being martyred or a dramatic trip to the brig with worldwide supporters. Instead, he merely slinks away as exactly what he is: someone who put himself before his men.

He has to live with that shame for the rest of his life, and can't excuse it by saying he paid for it by going to the brig and having a conviction. Instead he gets to live with the knowledge that he had his soldiers go into harms way and he wasn't there with them.

Perhaps that's the best punishment for someone who has disgraced themselves; let them walk away with nothing, and thereby have it eat at their soul for the rest of their lives.

So let me raise my glass and toast to the health and long life of Mr. Watada.

John O'Connor said...

Anon 2110:

Always go with your first instinct.

Anonymous said...

I'm am absolutely disgusted with Watada. Watada will be synonymous with lack of honor or pride.

Welcome to the Obama defense department.

Paul said...

This case originated under the previous administration,

Anonymous said...

Eat at his soul or not, we are setting free the ones who disobey orders and refuse to go yet on the otherhand, we are using any method necessary to send our heroes to Leavenworth for doing what we asked them to do against the known enemy.
It's convoluted bull$#%^!!!

Christopher Mathews said...

Anon 2257, I believe the USG is attempting to send Steven Green to a gurney with a series of IV drips attached to it, not to Leavenworth.

Anonymous said...

What does the Green case have to do with fighting the known enemy? I see no similarities with his case and my previous point.

Our "USG" as you put it, is using extraordinary, and may would consider illegal, measures to convict the heroes who are willing to stand in the gap for Country! The Haditha 8 is just 1 example of many in the past few years alone.

What type of soldier will we attract if those who join only to get a free education and further their civilian future, refuse to go when called, and then are enabled to do so by the "USG"? In turn we prosecute those who face and take on the enemy abroad for our freedoms, all because of some political bull!
The former will represent the majority of our defense, what's left of it, in short order if this continues!

Some of our greatest Presidents spoke very precisely to this type of maltreatment for our brave men and the negative effects it would have on our ability to protect this country!

Can anyone imagine the large and ever expanding JAG Corps being sent face to face, day after day, 24-7 with the AQ terrorist hoard?

The result would be similar to the book of French Military Victory's!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the results would have been any different if CAAF had accepted Watada's writ?

Phil Cave said...

Oh, but wait. The Government doesn't want CAAF hearing writs.

Any news on Denedo?

Anonymous said...

Denedo's done. Will be out next week. 9-0 reversing CAAF.

Anonymous said...

Charging the refusal to go to Iraq would be one thing. Prosecutors wanted to make this the next Howe, writing specifications about how attending a Veterans for Peace Rally is conduct unbecoming and so on. That's not where the country is.

Anonymous said...

That's because the vast majority of the country has not been asked to sacrifice - and can't begin to comprehend the importance of a 1Lt supporting his men 110%- on and off the battlefield.

Watada abandoned the very same kids he was given the honor and privilege of leading. A privilege that was not thrust upon him, but one he asked for and for which he swore an oath to complete.

His conduct in and out of uniform, whatever his legal arguments may be, remains disgraceful - and most certainly unbecoming of an officer entrusted with such authority.