Friday, May 01, 2009

Big news day

A lot happened in military justice today. The No Man has already posted about one of the day's big events -- the release of NMCCA's opinion in Carlson. (The opinion was dated yesterday but wasn't available on NMCCA's web site until today.) I'll have several additional posts later tonight.

A number of you have noted problems with comments disappearing. This seems to be the work of a "bug" in blogger's system. (Blogger is CAAFlog's host.) The No Man found this explanation, which suggests that the problem is now fixed.


Anonymous said...

....I thought it was just the new policy to delete all posts from Tony Cossio.....but it just turns out to be a regular government conspiracy....

Anonymous said...


Your whitewashing of the comment disappearances could not be more transparent. Blaming Blogger is clearly a pretext for a more sinister cabal. With all due respect, (H/T Ricky Bobby) your excuses are not worth a velvet painting of a whale and dolphin getting it on.

It could not be more incontrovertible that you are covering for a motley confederacy of disgraced French and Spanish captains and Barbary pirates bent on retribution against Sir Cloudesley Shovell. End the fa├žade and allow Cloudesley’s comments see the light of day.

Viva la Shovell!

Anonymous said...

I agree. CAAFlog and the other evil assasins on its blogger management team seem to delete any comments they don't like or may be perceived as controversial. Oh yeah, I forgot, the first amendment apparently doesn't apply to the military. Perhaps CAAFlog should adopt an NBC-like logo to remind us of its required one-sided presentation. I can understand deleting obscenities, etc. But deleting differing viewpoints - not kosher.

Anonymous said...

I am out in the civvie world now. A few years ago one of my retail clients got a set of "discovery" and affidavit form in the mail. Turned out they were from a true believer in sovereign citizen.
Him and his buddies had formed their own common law court and were suing people. Reason he was mad because they turned him down for credit, and by using the credit system to check on him they became part of the international cabal made up of the Kings of Germany, England, and France, and the international jewish bankers, to set up a straw man corporation for each person in the US, and steal that personhood. The BS got deeper, but what happened is we ignored it, the fake court issued a judgment against them, and the idiot tried to collect by buying a big ticket item with a phoney government warrant check. I had told them to watch out for that, so it went no-where.
Now that is a real conspiracy theory.