Saturday, November 08, 2008

A.F. L. Rev. APB

This past week, I believe I saw a hard copy of Volume 62 of the Air Force Law Review, but it isn't available on the Air Force JAG School's web site. Has anyone found an online version of Volume 62? And while we're discussing the Air Force JAG School's website, my home computer can't open the older volumes of the Air Force Law Review that are available here. Can anyone else open them? Is it my computer or the web site that's causing the problem?


Anonymous said...

They all opened with no problem. It must be your computer.

Dew_Process said...

Worked for me too - nor could I find the current issue online.

Dwight Sullivan said...

Thanks -- the culprit appears to be an out-of-date Adobe Reader proram on my home computer. I'll download the latest version and join the 21st Century.