Friday, August 22, 2008

Iraqi SOFA: Servicmember Legal Jurisdiction Still at Issue

Following up on our report yesterday on legal jurisdiction over US forces in Iraq, we note that the WaPo is reporting here that the primary remaining issue in negotiations with Iraq is the question of application of Iraqi law to US forces in Iraq. Here is what the Post story reported:
The question of immunity for U.S. troops and Defense Department personnel from Iraqi legal jurisdiction -- demanded by Washington and rejected by Baghdad -- remained unresolved. Troop immunity, one U.S. official said, "is the red line for us." Officials said they were still discussing language that would make the distinction between on- and off-duty activities, with provisions allowing for some measure of Iraqi legal jurisdiction over soldiers accused of committing crimes while off-duty.
The story also stated explicitly what we inferred from prior reports, "the United States abandoned its immunity demand for contractors."


Anonymous said...

A service member is never "off duty" in Iraq.

Anonymous said...

Mercenaries are usually criminals. They do not deserve legal immunity.