Monday, August 04, 2008

Iraqi Civilian Deaths Court-Martial Coverage

Couple of news items in the past few weeks about potential courts-martial in incidents involving Iraqi civilian deaths.

First, MNF-I reports that two soldiers will face an Art. 32 hearing for the death of a former Iraqi detainee. According to the MNF-I press release, "The charges followed a criminal investigation into the death of Ali Mansur Mohamed, a detainee initially believed to have been released by [Coalition Forces] on or about May 16, 2008." Charges include pre-med murder and others. The Art. 32 for one will be held in Tikrit. The accused are a Staff Sergeant and First Lieutenant, the highest ranking soldier to face court-martial for a civilian killing in Iraq--at least that I know about.

Second, the on-going saga of three Camp Pendleton Marines accused of murder during the Battle for Fallujah made its way back into the news. The three are facing charges and an Art. 32 investigation for the 2004 killing, as reported here. Another former Marine, report here, is facing a late 2008 trial in US District Court. The circumstances of the killing reportedly came to light when one of the three facing court-martial charges revealed the incident during a security screening for a job at the US Secret Service (apparently an unsuccessful interview). We send our best to the Code 46 alum (and one of the most realistic App Gov't counsel I ever worked with) who will be the IO for one of the cases. Tough assignment, good luck.

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