Monday, October 01, 2007

Rules Advisory Committee membership changes

CAAF's Rules Advisory Committee will be welcoming some new members, but long-term and much beloved member Tom Granahan will be leaving the committee. Mr. Granahan was always very kind to me when I was a faltering young appellate defense counsel (as opposed to now, when I'm a faltering old appellate defense counsel). I wish him all the best! Georgetown Law Professor Jane Aiken will take his place on the committee.

In other membership changes, LCDR Kristina Reeves of Navy-Marine Corps Appellate Defense will be taking the seat formerly occupied by LTC Michele Shields of Army GAD. Maj Matthew Ward of Air Force Appellate Government will also be joining the committee.


Mike "No Man" Navarre said...
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Mike "No Man" Navarre said...

Congrats to LCDR Reeves. Right now she is one of my two MilJus heroes-she is litigating one of the handful of Apprendi cases before CAAF this term. Maybe she could propose an Apprendi day at CAAF every term? They could also call it off-the-wall precedent 98% of the miljus world doesn't think applies to courts-martial day (OTWP98%

Jason Grover said...

Congrats also to Kristina. But I suspect she is probably about as excited about litigating Apprendi as the average CAAFlog reader is to hear about it. Kristina, see what you can do about requiring citiations in footnotes and getting rid of all caps in for Questions Presented.

Do I dare ask who the other MilJus hero is?