Thursday, October 18, 2007

Big Wheels Keep On Turning . . . But Very Slowly

For those that watch the CAAF Daily Journal you will notice that CAAF disbarred four former JAs recently. I did a Google search on all the attorneys and each went to general court-martial for various offenses. One in particular, Kirk A. McDaniel, just caught my eye. And why you ask? Because the wheels of military justice, though they keep on turning, apparently are very large and move very slowly. Here is the timeline for former Marine JA, and CAAF bar member, McDaniel:
18 Apr 1997: Charged with various offenses stemming from a positive urinalysis and a false statement in connection with the NJP and BOI of a friend while he was a trial counsel
4 Sep 1997: Pleads guilty to some offenses, convicted of cocaine use, 15 months confinement
1998: USMC "disbars" him
1998: Case sent to NMCCA (see CCA number on
CAAF Daily Journal)
12 Aug 2002: Filed a petition for review at CAAF
16 Jan 2003: Petition at CAAF denied
22 Feb 2005: Suspended from practice of law in PA for 366 days
11 Oct 2007: Disbarred from CAAF (just over a decade after his conviction)


Anonymous said...

Anyone know why Judge Ryan did not participate in the CAAF Order?

Mike "No Man" Navarre said...

I am guessing Judge Ryan was a Marine JA around this time. Anyone know her Duty Station in 1997-1998?

Mike "No Man" Navarre said...
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Anonymous said...

from judge ryan's wikipedia entry:

Prior to joining the court, Ryan was in private practice with various firms. Most recently, she was at Wiley Rein LLP from 2004 until her appointment to the court. Before that she was with Bartlit Beck Palenchar & Scott from 2002-2004 and Cooper Carvin & Rosenthal from 1999-2000. Ryan served on active duty for the United States Marine Corps from 1988-1992, and again as a Judge Advocate General from 1995-1999. As a JAG, Ryan served as a Trial Counsel and Chief Trial Counsel in Okinawa, Japan and Quantico, Virginia. Ryan was then selected by General Charles C. Krulak, Commandant of the Marine Corps, to serve as his Aide de Camp.

John O'Connor said...

Judge Ryan graduated from law school in 1995, and suffered under CAAFlog's cruel yoke for NJS in the fall of 1995. She would have been on active duty as a JAG from 1995-99 I believe.

I'm guessing she came across the case while working for Gen Krulak.

Dwight Sullivan said...

No Man,

NIMJ's web site has posted a piece about this issue. See

Mike "No Man" Navarre said...
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Dwight Sullivan said...

I believe if one were to check the ROT, one would see that the TC in the McDaniel case was a judge advocate named Ryan.