Friday, September 21, 2007

When Marcus comes marching home again

I usually try to avoid writing about personalities on this blog, but tonight I'm making an exception. At this very moment, my friend Marcus Fulton (a.k.a. the Kabul Klipper) should be on his way home from Afghanistan. I am so proud of Marcus for his patriotism, his bravery, his selflessness, and his service. That pride is exceeded only by my thankfulness that he has survived his tour intact and should be safely on his way home.

I have such tremendous respect for all of our servicemembers who go in harm's way, and Marcus headed toward a lot of potential harm.

Late tomorrow night, which also happens to be the first anniversary of CAAFlog, Marcus and I will be in downtown Annapolis celebrating. If any of you see us, stop by and have a drink with our returning hero. God speed, Marcus!


Jason Grover said...

Welcome home Marcus. Wish I could join you gentlemen.

John O'Connor said...

That's great news. Though we've never met, it's always good news to hear that someone has returned safely from harm's way.

egn said...

I wish I would've read this post earlier, for I definitely would have joined you in welcoming the Klipper!

Marcus Fulton said...

Thanks for the kind words and the welcome back pub crawl of Annapolis. It's good to be home!