Friday, December 08, 2006

Migrating argument heading south for the winter

I previously wrote about the great oral argument migration of the 2007 term, in which the December oral arguments moved back, in an apparent effort to have them heard by a full five-member court. (We should know by tomorrow whether there will, indeed, be a full five-member court before the January oral arguments.) See "The CAAF oral argument migration," 23 Nov 2006, available at In that post, I noted that two of the migrating arguments -- Harrow, No. 06-0474/AF, and Flores, No. 06-0675/MC -- hadn't landed in January with the rest of the flock.

One of the missing arguments has now been located: it migrated south for the winter by itself. Harrow will be heard in a Project Outreach argument at the Mississippi College School of Law on 14 February 2007. Ah, Valentine's Day in Jackson, Mississippi -- what could be more romantic? But I don't see any signs of Flores. Is it still aimlessly flying around?

--Dwight Sullivan

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