Monday, April 27, 2009

More sad news: former CGCCA Chief Judge Joe Baum passes away

We learned today that Joe Baum, the longtime chief judge of the Coast Guard Court, passed away on Saturday. He was also a 30-year Navy veteran who had served as a judge on the Navy Court. He was one of our nation's foremost experts on military justice and an extremely gracious man.

We posted this comment about Chief Judge Baum, noting his long-standing service as a military appellate judge, upon learning of his retirement in 2007.

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Gene Fidell said...

A word of praise is in order for Chief Judge Baum. Joe was one in a series of retired Naval captains who led the Coast Guard Court (Owen Cedarburg was another), following the very long tenure of the late Captain Arthur Rosenwasser. Joe was not only a scholar but also possessed excellent judicial temperament (the two do not always coincide). He showed great courage in soldiering on in the face of physical adversity. The Coast Guard's practice of having a civilian Chief Judge has contributed to doctrinal stability and institutional independence. Joe was a worthy and self-effacing exemplar of both.