Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Upcoming ACCA argument

Greetings from DCA, where I've been stuck for hours and where I'll be cooling my heels for at least another hour.

Thanks to the Anon commentator who noted that Harvard Law School's web site now includes an announcement of the ACCA argument on Thursday. You can navigate to the announcement through this link.

Here's what the HLS web site says:

NSLA: Army Court of Criminal Appeals Hearing

When Thursday, February 5, 2009, 5 – 7pm
Where Ames Court Room
Event type Lectures
Sponsor National Security and Law Association
Intended Audience All
Note Come hear arguments over the appeal of a soldier's conviction for the smuggling of narcotics and firearms and money laundering. Harvard ID required.
Can it really be that ACCA is holding an oral argument that the general public isn't permitted to attend? If an Airman stationed at Hanscom Air Force Base or an NJS instructor stationed at NETC drove to the argument and presented a military i.d., would he or she be turned away?

ACCA's web site's oral argument hearing calendar still doesn't reflect the argument.


Anonymous said...

I would be pretty angry if HLS blocked me from watching oral argument even after showing military ID and explaining that I'm a JAG. I guess they would argue that their facility is private property.

Even if that is a legitimate argument, why not do outreach programs at schools that allow military members to attend the arguments as opposed to ones that block them?

Anonymous said...

Does Harvard even allow militaty recruiting in its law school?

Gene Fidell said...

I hope there will be better student and faculty turnout than there was several years ago when the Court of Appeals made a Project Outreach visit. Perhaps someone who attends can post an after-action report.

Anonymous said...

When NMCCA did an "outreach" at Georgetown Law last year I think 7 students attended and 3 were Navy LL.M. students. I am just not sure how interesting this is to students. My experience doing outreach for CAAF is hit or miss and it is all tied to how the school promotes it. In theory I like the idea but not sure how much bang for the buck is achieved and then again I don't even know what bang the service courts are going for (Heck, at least go when the Red Sox are playing).