Wednesday, February 18, 2009

CAAF fills in another piece of the Judicial Conference puzzle

An updated CAAF Judicial Conference schedule is now available here. The new schedule fills in the first day's 1530-1700 slot, previous listed as invitation pending, with Professor David A. Harris of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law delivering a lecture called, "Racial Profiling in Law Enforcement and National Security: The Right Thing at the Right Time?"

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Anonymous said...

Another topic that has no relevance to UCMJ practitioners. It's pretty bad when the only lecture worth attending at this conference is the ethics presentation. Think I'll skip the show this year. There's simply nothing of interest with respect to military law or appellate advocacy. And what is "The Future of Neuroscience in the Law?" Is this about the new brain scans that allegedly show someone is a criminal? Whoever planned this conference should have one.