Sunday, November 23, 2008

This week in military justice

I hope to make "This week in military justice" a weekly CAAFlog feature every Sunday. But to do that, we'll need your help. If you're aware of a significant military justice event on the upcoming schedule -- such as a CCA oral argument or an important court-martial -- please drop us a line and let us know. As always, you can reach us at (And, as always, we'll assume that any input is not-for-attribution unless you specifically advise us otherwise.)

This week in military justice will include at least two items of significance.

First, on Tuesday, assuming that the case of United States v. Denedo made the Supreme Court's discuss list (and I do assume it did), the justices will consider the SG's cert petition at their Tuesday conference. We expect results of that conference to be announced either Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday. We'll be following developments and will report the outcome.

At the court-martial level, on Monday the defense is expected to rest its case-in-chief in the capital court-martial of United States v. Martinez. The government is expected to begin its case in rebuttal then.


Gene Fidell said...

BZ to CAAFlog on this new feature--another great idea.

Anonymous said...

Two reactions:

First, it's no surprise to me that the military doesn't handle domestic violence cases well.

Second, neither does the civilian world.

Dew_Process said...

Great idea Dwight, Thanks!

Cloudesley Shovell said...

Rumor has it that a certain Court in DC is going to hear a certain case that has been subject of much discussion on this blog. You heard it here first!