Sunday, November 09, 2008

Army JAG Corps' military justice additional skills identifiers program

In his post here, the Super Muppet of Appellate Advocacy discussed learning of the Army's counterpart to the Navy JAG Corps' military justice career track while at this year's Crim Law New Developments Course. Apparently CAAFlog has at least one Army reader. Over our virtual transom, we received a copy of the Army JAG's policy memorandum establishing the military justice additional skills identifiers program. We've posted a copy here.


Anonymous said...

There is a lesson here.

If one set the Navy's MJLCT instruction beside the Army's MJASI instruction it becomes quickly (and startlingly) apparent how BADLY the Navy writes. This is an instruction from the Office of the Judge Advocate General, and it's an incomprehensible collision of legalistic gobbledygook and bad grammar.

Compare that to the Army's clear and professional instruction.

Why must we embarrass ourselves so badly?

Anonymous said...

I understood the JAG instruction perfectly fine.

Anonymous said...

What sort of skill badge will the Army issue for wear on the uniform to go along with the ratings?

Will there be a combat trial counsel badge for winning a court martial conviction in a firefight or in a convoy attacked by an IED?

Anonymous said...

Obviously the first post that was critical of the Navy JAG instruction was written by a person in the Navy. Thus, I think the gratuitous cheap shot at the Army was unwarranted. I couldn’t care much about how either is written, but I do care about how it is implemented and the stated purpose of the programs.