Thursday, September 04, 2008

Air Force Times Article on Hard Labor

Interesting Air Force Times article, here, on the merits of hard labor as a punishment. I awarded hard labor as a summary court-martial officer, so you probably know where I once stood on the issue. But, considering this article . . . I may have some more thoughts tonight.


Anonymous said...

Same article in Army Times for those of us with an Army bias

Anonymous said...

You did? And weren't you a trial counsel, before you became one of the anti death penalty people?

No Man said...

Who said I was anti death penalty? That and the Cully Stimson liberal slant are what make this blog great!

John O'Connor said...

Let's put this in LSAT format:

Cully : CAAFlog

Alan Colmes : Fox News

Not a commentary on quality, but on worldview.

Biff (not legrand) said...

I don't know if anyone's read "Holes" by Louis Sachar, but the punishment described in the Air Force Times article is a direct rip-off from that story. I almost wonder if there isn't a copyright violation (kidding).

Anonymous said...

Captain Dan Pedersen?

We have been down this road before. I predict that commanding officers will compete to who can be the most cruel, they will end up killing some E-1 victim....and then will burn an E-6 for following their order.