Saturday, May 24, 2008

First Marine Corps court of inquiry in 50 years doesn't result in court-martial

AP is reporting that the Marine Corps special operations officers whose conduct in Afghanistan was at issue in the first Marine Corps court of inquiry in 50 years will face administrative actions rather than a court-martial.


Anonymous said...

A court of inquiry is underused as a factfinding mechanism. A group of experts in the field is well suited to evaluate conduct. I am glad to see it. The Haditha cases could have used that.

Anonymous said...

What does this administrative action mean? After 15 months of shame for these Marines - another 'adminitrative action' is going to occur? Isn't this a bit of double jeopardy on part of the Marine Corps? Never cleared - always in question and now the public isn't going to know. Just the way that the Marine Corps wants it.