Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Commentary on court-martial prosecution of civilian contractor

Jurist has a lengthy commentary on the Ali case by Kevin Lanigan, the Director of Human Rights First's Law and Security Program. Here's a link. The piece says that the CA referred the case to a GCM on 11 May.


No Man said...

No Man is asleep at the wheel. If I was just in the Eastern time zone for more than 3 days straight I could sit down at the home computer and find this stuff. Looks like it is time to set up another Google Alert.

Anonymous said...

The post's author posits some interesting reasons why DOJ declined to prosecute under MEJA, but I think a simpler explanation is that MEJA doesn't apply because Ali is an Iraqi national. The MEJA definition for employee accompanying the forces overseas exludes those who are nationals of or ordinarily resident in the host nation. 18 U.S.C. 3267(1)(C). So...what am I missing?

John O'Connor said...

Anonymous, what you're missing (or apparently aren't missing) is that this article is riddled with errors and faulty analysis.