Sunday, January 25, 2009

This week in military justice -- 25 Jan 2009 edition

If anyone is aware of something scheduled to happen in the world of military justice this week, please let me know because I sure don't have anything on my radar screen.

This week appears to be the lull before an increase in activity in February, when CAAF will resume oral arguments next week, AFCCA will hold a Project Outreach oral argument next week, and the Respondent's merits brief in Denedo is due at SCOTUS the following week.

Of course, CAAF could issue opinions or grants this week. And some published CCA opinions could be released. But those developments won't be visible until they occur.

On a personal note, I'm on reserve duty for part of this week and I'll be in the mountains at the end of the week. While I now have technological capability to reach the Internet from anywhere (at least in theory), my blogging operational tempo will probably be reduced this week.

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Anonymous said...

Anyone have any specifics on the MJ's ruling late last week at Fort Campbell, KY, dealing with the new DoD computer "monitoring" policy vis-a-vis Defense Counsel, and the MJ ordering the government to get the Defense Counsel computers that are NOT subject to monitoring???