Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Resource alert

The new issue of the Duke Journal of Gender Law & Policy is devoted to "Gender, Sexuality & the Military." Unlike previous resource alerts, I am posting this without having read the journal first. But I'm excited about reading it when I have time. Among the articles is a piece by a true military justice giant -- Judge Walter T. Cox III -- called Consensual Sex Crimes in the Armed Forces: A Primer for the Uninformed.


John O'Connor said...

When I was a summer funner at Code 46 (Summer of 1992), then-Colonel Hess has me do a study on voting patterns of the CAAF, which had just added three new members in the preceding few years (Judges Crawford, Gierke, and Wiss). The gist of my research was that Judge Cox hadn't dissented in a single case in some long period of time (maybe even since the court had gone to five members). In any event, I worked on a CAAF brief that summer and wouldn't you know it we hung on to Judge Cox but he was finally in dissent.

Anonymous said...

Note the shout out, and link, to CAAFlog on one of the other top ten or so legal blogs out there, Appellate Law & Practice (http://appellate.typepad.com/):

Then this episode of the Duke Journal of Gender Law and Policy, entitled Gender, Sexuality & the Military is for you. The graphics are not Freudian at all. You can get the full text of the articles, including Sexually Speaking: "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and the First Amendment after Lawrence v. Texas. (Tnx CAAFlog).