Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Color bind

There is a dispute among CAAFlog contributors about the new color scheme. At least one of the contributors -- I'll protect his true identity by referring to him by a pseudonym, hmm, how about Oscar the Grouch? -- doesn't like it. Any opinions out there in cyberspace?


John O'Connor said...

Because I hate change in all its forms, I don't like the new color scheme. But if you're going to change it back, do it fast, because within a week I will be accustomed to the new color scheme and be opposed to any change back.

Anonymous said...

What can be better than Red, White & Blue?

Anonymous said...

Red, white, and blue is good. However, perhaps you could change the colors periodically to reflect the various service uniform colors? One month could be Army/AF/Navy DCU colors and another could be ACU colors. Then, we could go with USMC colors, etc.

On second thought, that's a horrible idea. JOC would go bonkers. Leave it as is.

H Lime said...

Perhaps you should also consider making the center column of the blog even narrower, sort of "French cuisine" style--much plate, little food. As a strict constructionist, I prefer the narrowest reading possible.