Thursday, July 05, 2007

The 2007 term

Now that we know that all of the published opinions of the 2007 term are in, let's look at some numbers.

CAAF reviewed 23 decisions of the Air Force Court, 18 of the Navy-Marine Corps Court, 14 of the Army Court, and none of the Coast Guard Court.

The Air Force had by far the highest affirmance rate -- 74% (17/23). The Army Court's affirmance rate (57% 8/14) was comparable to the Navy-Marine Corps Court's (56% 10/18).

Capt Jefferson McBride of the Air Force Appellate Government Division argued more cases than any other counsel: 7. LT Brian Mizer of Navy-Marine Corps Appellate Defense finished close behind with 6. Maj John Page of the Air Force Appellate Defense Division was third with 4.

Among civilian counsel, only two argued more than a single case. Both Bill Cassara and Frank Spinner argued 2.


egn said...

Interesting to see that the prolific Brian Mizer continues to have two more arguments next term even after having transferred from the Navy Appellate Defense Division and taken on duties at his new job.

Also nice to see some veterans like Eric Eversole, and glad to see the Division did away with the policy banning reserve counsel from presenting oral arguments before CAAF. Originating from the Navy JAG Corps with a similar vintage is Matthew Freedus, making an appearance as civilian counsel.

Bill Cassara said...

I never thought I would set a record with two but, hey, I will take it. What do I get?

Gene Fidell said...

Bill, I think CAAFlog should create a Homer Ferguson bobblehead for you.