Saturday, November 18, 2006

First person out of the pool

Unless CAAF issues an opinion backdated to Friday, "EGN" is out of the CAAFlog pool to predict the date of CAAF's first full opinion of the 2007 term. Because a 20 November decision would be closer to Guert Gansevoort's 21 November prediction than EGN's 16 November prediction, Guert would win the prize if a decision were to come out dated Monday. So EGN appears to be eliminated from the running.

Seven people remain in the pool:

Guert Gansevoort (a.k.a. Guert Gansevoort) -- 21 Nov
Marcus Fulton (a.k.a., The Columbus Clipper) -- 30 Nov
Phil Cave -- 9 Dec
Mike N. (a.k.a., The No Man) -- 11 Dec
Dwight Sullivan -- 14 Dec
Jason Grover (a.k.a., The Super Muppet of Appellate Advocacy) -- 20 Dec
Kathleen Duignan -- 4 Jan 2007

If CAAF comes out with an opinion any day of the coming week, Guert will win. If not, the spotlight will be on the Columbus Clipper.

In the 2006 Term, the first opinion was issued on 20 Dec. Super Muppet, is that how you chose your entry?


Jason Grover said...

Not very creative, but yes, that is how I picked my date.

Kathleen Duignan said...

I chose my date because I thought that there might be a desire to wait on issuing too many opinions before replacement nominees were named. At the time we voted, it was unclear how quickly nominations would be made for the two vacancies. I'm actually thinking that January 4th might still be too early for that line of thinking, but I'll stick wtih my call.

Since the CAAF Holiday party is scheduled for December 19th, I'm not sure that any opinions will be released that day, unless the staff works very late. If this happens, Jason could win with his strategic December 20th entry.