Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cox Commission public hearing details

The Cox Commission will hold its public hearing next Tuesday, 16 June, starting at 0900. The location is the GWU Law moot courtroom. I understand that the hearing will be webcast here.


Anonymous said...

I am familiar with the wonderful work of the Cox Commission as well as the hack reply from then ltcl. Essex and Major Pickle (I think that's her name, it's been a few years, If any you can tell me on what famous case she was an IO and recommended dismissing the charges, you win a prize).

Anyways, does anyone know what the topics will be, or will it be the same "panel stacking", "jury selection" etc.

- TC

Anonymous said...

Oh, I found it, I was refering to:

"A reply to the report of the commission on the 50th anniversary of the Uniform Code of Military Justice : "the Cox Commission" - May 2001 - 50th anniversary of the Uniform Code of Justice"

And unless I was mistaken, that is the same one in....Oh.

Well it appears I already mentioned this ulmost a year ago...

Yes, when you fail to remember the same useless trivia its definately time for a sabbatical.

Anonymous said...

Cox Commission Rox!!

I recommend the cox 2 rox commission should recommend doing away with convening authority discretion and instead having an uber-prosecutor in DC tell each CA what cases require, and what cases do not require courts-martial charges so that the CA can maintain good order and discipline within the local unit in his/her efforts to accomplish their mission. Oh wait, we don't need to have a good order and discipline reason to actually CM an accused, as the enumerated articles do not have that element implicated within them. Why the heck are we taking accused to courts-martial if it does not serve those military interests? I forgot, in our efforts to be the equivalent to Art. III courts (because our egos will not allow us to admit that we serve courts of limited jurisdiction for limited purposes) we have forsaken our intended purpose and to become courts of law to serve the greater good.

I tell you this: When Article I courts become the equivalent to Art. III courts there will be no use for Art. I courts.

Cossio said...

"I tell you this: When Article I courts become the equivalent to Art. III courts there will be no use for Art. I courts."

Oh, Anon, I agree whole-heartedly.

But then again where would we stick these other totally awesome Article I courts:

Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals

US Postal Service Board of Contract Appeals

United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims

United States Tax Court

United States Court of Federal Claims

United States territorial courts

United States bankruptcy courts

Civilian Board of Contract Appeals

Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences

Trademark Trial and Appeal Board

United States Merit Systems Protection Board

Administrative law adjudicative entities

Awesomeness !!! I see that Military Justice is rightly equivilant to Tax and Contract Boards !!!

Eugene R. Fidell said...

I encourage anyone who is interested in military justice to attend CC2d's hearing at GWU Law School on Tuesday.