Thursday, September 28, 2006

End of Term Predictions

The last of the cases for the term should come out tonight. Anybody up for predictions? Here are mine:

Finch- Findings and sentence set aside based on variance.

Haney- No IAC for excessive enlargements by appellate defense counsel

Loving- New trial based on Wiggins v. Maryland, Court doesn't reach Ring issue.

I also predict that the Government does not appeal Long as the banner can be fixed by DoD so there is no need to go to the Supreme Court. As a disclaimer, I was one of the counsel on Long, although Charlie Gittens did the vast majority of the heavy lifting, including both oral arguments (CCA and CAAF).

Posted by Jason Grover

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CAAFlog said...

Long also won't go up because the SG will be too busy working on the Lane cert petition.


-Dwight Sullivan